The Pavillon review

Annual publication

The records of the annual scenography/scenology colloquium are published in the Pavillon review. Within the framework of theoretical seminars, the texts of the review are used as a support for a reflection upon the issues of modern and contemporary scenography. They are studied thoroughly with the teachers in history of art and aesthetics from the first to the fifth year. Therefore, they are an essential contribution to the construction of a theoretical apparatus in connection with scenography.

Price per issue
Pavillon nº 1 : SOLD OUT (downloadable in French, opposite section)
Pavillon nº 2 : SOLD OUT (downloadable in French, opposite section)
Pavillon nº 3 : SOLD OUT (downloadable in French, opposite section)
Pavillon nº 4 : 13 € + forwarding charges
Pavillon nº 5 : 13 € + forwarding charges
Pavillon nº 6 : 13 € + forwarding charges
Pavillon nº 7 : 13 € + forwarding charges

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Bibliothèque Pavillon Bosio
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The Pavillon review is published with the support of the Sogeda.
The Society for the Management of Copyrights plays a genuine role of patron of the arts in the Principality. It co-edits record collections, supports cultural (creation, orders ...) and educational (including master classes at the Academy of Music) projects. Finally, it submits annual art scholarships. The first three issues will soon be available to download on the school’s web site.